Our services

Business & Marketing

What is it you do? Why be in business? Where do you want to be next year? Asking direct questions, we may help with your Business Plan, Branding, Logo design, and Marketing strategy. If you already employ 50 people, you don’t want our help. If you are small, and thinking about getting bigger, or just getting started, we may be able to help.


Having a capable mentor as a source of ideas can be liberating to you and your team – you can get on with what you do best, while consulting on fresh ideas and perhaps delegating tasks that don’t need either your special talents or a new full-time dedicated employee.

Social Media Presence

You need to be in touch with your customers. You need to be open to possible future customers. Social media can help (often), or waste lots of your time (often, as well!). There are some easy ways to get started, to feel the way the social winds blow, and to help build your brand right in front of people who will want to be your customers. We can launch your social media presence with you.

Web Development

There’s a lot happening in web development.  While we understand business, we also speak the web’s technical languages; we can access the web tools, with knowledge and experience. We can probably tell you where the web might best help you to achieve.  We can access proven open-source software, which is available without charge or at little cost, to help develop your website, and to then set it up for you to manage.

Website Maintenance

Designing a Ferrari is a different task from adjusting it’s seats.  An expensive high-calibre web design agency who first built your website will probably still charge you at their high-calibre design rates for simply changing text on your pages; they have to pay their clever artistically-qualified design staff.  Keeping your website up-to-date might be vastly cheaper with simple maintenance by WebChippy than by your former design agency.


WebChippy.com – Fine Information Joinery – is proud to be associated with PhotoChippy.com – Artfully Crafted Photography.  As the following PhotoChippy church-mouse-view may show, eye-catching illustration may be valuable to your business..