Who is WebChippy.com ?

YOU could probably put together a business website from modern web components – if YOU knew what YOU were doing, or if YOU had time to learn. Do you? 

Robert knows what HE is doing when he works on the web. His early bachelor degree in Electronic Engineering may be totally out-of-date, but he has embraced change and new knowledge all along the way.  He knows today’s technical languages of communication and the internet.  He keeps up with the dramatic changes still taking place in the web. 

More importantly, he understands Business. He ran his own business, putting his own database software into 11 major customer jet airlines for a decade.  He understands that most websites are there for business reasons.  He understands the power of marketing and branding.  He knows the difference between turnover and profit.

He is also good with people – trained to teach, he can probably explain technical things to you, as well.  He’s also a dab hand at writing content in educated prose, in case you aren’t.

HE has the time, the knowledge and the experience.  If you don’t, and need someone who does, try Robert at webchippy.com – that’s his email address..


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